Dr. Erik Bernhoffer: Tips for Assisting in a Medical Emergency

Currently an acting physician at Prospect Road Family Practice and Mercy Hospital Clermont, Dr. Erik Bernhoffer treats a myriad of patients and imparts his knowledge to other medical staff members as well. Dr. Erik Bernhoffer received his doctor of medicine from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He has served on the medical staff at both Greenfield Area Medical Center and Fayette County Memorial Hospital.

While we all hope never to be placed in a situation where a medical emergency unfolds, we never know when such an event could occur. Every scenario and situation is truly different, however; keep in mind several tips in order to be of the most assistance. The following suggestions represent several good practices in emergency situations.

1. Before trying to help someone in distress, always call 911 first.

2. If you believe someone cannot breathe, do not wait for an ambulance to arrive. Perform CPR if you know how, or try to find someone else that knows how.

3. If a child or someone around you has ingested a toxic substance, call 911 and then call the Poison Control Center.

4. Stay calm and make sure you are not in danger before helping someone else. This is especially important in situations that involve car accidents or transit areas.